How come no one told me that when you get older, your kids start trying to “raise you”?

I’ve seen it happen with my grandparents, I’ve done it myself to my parents, and now I find my kids doing it to me.

I think they started younger than it did with my parents and grandparents, maybe because I lost Tom at such a young age and now they feel responsible for taking care of me?

It’s become more intense since I started dating. The number of “serial killer” lectures I have received is both amusing and annoying lol.

Thankfully, they don’t seem to be tracking my movements, yet, lol.

I’ve joked to my mom about it being “hard work raising your parents” and I don’t think she found it amusing. Kind of starting to see why lol.

But seriously, it’s all done from a place of love, and I don’t really keep much from my kids, so it’s all good.


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