One of my favorite books growing up was “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret”. You may have seen that this has been made into a movie coming out this spring.

This has me thinking about some of those favorite books I read as a child that I want to re-read now as an adult.

Of course, “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret” is on the list. Here are some of the others:

The Outsiders

That was then, this is now

Alice in Wonderland-I actually found a kindle deal that has all four of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, along with this original story that he shared with families and friends. Can’t wait to read it.

The Secret Garden.

One that I can tell you I don’t want to re-read is “Where the red fern grows”. I read that book several times as a child and cried every single time. Don’t think I can do it again.

Have you re-read any children/young adult books as an adult? If so, which ones? What did you think?

As I re-read some of these, I will probably write some posts about my impressions of them as an adult.


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