As I have joined the world of online dating, I have started to notice that the scammers say a lot of the same things, in the exact same wording. So here is your “Scammer Warning Guide”.

They might be a scammer if:

  • They immediately want to switch to another form of communication like Google Chat or WhatsApp so you can “communicate more perfectly”
  • They say they are from your area, but they are currently overseas for work.
  • They constantly tell you not to “stress yourself”
  • They start telling you how they have been robbed. That’s usually followed up with a “I just need your help and I will pay you back as soon as I get access to my own money”.
  • This one is from a friend, he’s ran into it a lot with girls on dating sites. They tell him they’re from another state, but they are in Oklahoma visiting a sick relative, helping out a friend, etc., and they can come visit him if he will give them money for gas.
  • If you’re asked for any kind of money, gift card, etc. Don’t do it! Just don’t! I don’t care how long you’ve been chatting and how “normal” they seem. They are a scammer.
  • Then this one is one I get a lot. They ask me what my favorite color is and I tell them and then they tell me theirs are red and white because white stands for a pure heart and red stands for love, and then you have pure-hearted love, etc. etc. blah blah blah, barf.

Do you have scammer warning signs to add to this list? Email me or comment and let me know.


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