Well the scammers have been out in full force lately and it’s getting less amusing. Some of these people are very skilled at manipulating emotions and playing the long game. There were two that I’d been chatting with for over two months.

One of them, I suspected might be a scammer, but I was playing along to see what happened. Then he was robbed and stranded in another country and needed my help.

The other one, I had not got that vibe from him at all. But when I got back from my tooth procedure last week, he asked me to set up an IRA account for him to send some money to (because he’s having trouble with his) and then I’ll transfer the money back to him “when he gets it fixed”. Seems legit (eye roll)

I am not going to lie, I had been kind of judgmental about women/men who fell for these scammers online and sent them money. But I’m starting to see that some of them are really good at it.

Some of them like this guy, are not subtle at all. Apparently he meant “steam” card, not “steal” card, but steal seems more accurate lol.


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