On my former blog, there is a post that I wrote about having Kleenex boxes everywhere. Because I never knew when I would have a crying jag and so tissue needed to always be close by.

There was a time when it had been over a year since losing Tom and I was still crying every single day.

Sometimes healing comes so slowly that you may not even realize that it’s happening. One day I realized that I hadn’t cried the day before. Then at some point, it was a few days since I had cried. Then I realized that I no longer need to always have a Kleenex box right beside me at all times.

Then one day, I decided I might be ready to go on a date with someone else.

Saturday was 2 ½ years since losing Tom. I still miss him everyday. But I work hard to take steps forward and remember that even though he is gone, I am still here. He would not want me to withdraw from life and I don’t want that either. I value joy and life and love.

I still cry. I still miss Tom (and I always will). But I can see the little signs of healing that are happening and I am thankful for them.


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