Yesterday I talked about my doctor visit and test results from earlier this week.

I also came away with “orders” for a heart scan, mammogram, and bone scan. Getting the orders wasn’t the big step though. Actually following through and scheduling the tests was. Almost every year, she tries to get me to schedule some of these tests and I usually say “okay” in the office and then never follow through.

This time she mentioned that my last mammogram was 2016, which made sense since that was right before our life blew up in 2017 when Tom was diagnosed with cancer. There have been some events in the last year that have convinced me that I need to start following through with the mammograms.

Considering the family history of heart issues and osteoporosis (and my low Vitamin D levels the last couple of years), the heart scan and bone scan are wise moves as well.

The heart scan is scheduled for later in March. The mammogram and bone scan are scheduled for May (soonest they could get me in to do both together)

So here’s to adulting and taking better care of myself in 2023!

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