November is a time when our hearts naturally turn to thankfulness because of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is three weeks from today. It’s hard to believe it, this year has felt both endless and fast. So much has happened. There is much to give thanks for.

The life of my grandmother, who we lost in March at 100 years of age. How blessed we were to have her that long. But somehow that didn’t even seem long enough.

My wreck in March. Not for the wreck itself, but for the fact that I am basically okay.

That I have a good job with good insurance which has helped take care of me this year with the wreck, the bouts of bronchitis, and the teeth issues.

That I have a good job with sick leave and annual leave so that I was able to take care of my health despite all the challenges. My leave took a bit hit, but it was there when I needed it and I am incredibly thankful.

Love. I am thankful for love.

As we move through this month of thankfulness, remember that thankfulness is a daily, year-round thing.


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