The Brave Face

For the world,

I put on my brave face.

I pretend I’m okay,

When inside,

My heart is breaking.

My loneliness is,

Eating away at me,

To the world,

I say “I’m fine”,

Inside, I’m not.

The loneliness, the sadness,

It’s a lot to feel.

To the world,

I am strong.

To myself,

I feel weak.

Time to put on,

The brave face.

Tracy Hinton 2-7-22

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Rae · December 4, 2022 at 9:14 am

I realize your heart aches and you feel no one knows (which they don’t) how much, but believe you handle it in a good way. Grief is such a lonely thing. As painful as the loss is, wouldn’t have missed the time. Hopefully the time will come when the good memories bring more joy than pain.

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