Thursday, I had my third therapy session. This time we talked a lot about the wreck and the stress and pain from that as well as work stress.

Some of the notes I made from what she said were to “pace myself” and to “interrupt those typical thought processes”. And then of course, the self-talk praise. All of these are things that I struggle with.

But Thursday I managed to break out of one (which is that if I am working at home, then I HAVE to spend my lunch break working on my second job). I worked on it for 15 minutes, then laid down for 15 minutes, then sat outside and read a book for 20 minutes. It made the rest of the day much easier to maneuver. I also did not work on grading that night, I left it till Friday morning. And you know what? The world didn’t end. I got the grading done before work and felt much better for it.

I’m out of town this weekend and I did not bring either my work or my personal computer with me. When I bring them, then I feel like I need to work. I’ll ask myself “well, what if I think of an idea for a poem or for writing a blog post? I’ll need my computer. No I don’t. I have a notebook in my purse and I have a notes app on my phone. Either of them will work to write it down until I get back to my computer.

These may seem like small things, but they are huge for me.


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