Well I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had another tooth infection. My options were to either have it extracted or do a root canal. I haven’t had great luck with root canals, so I was leaning towards the extraction.

My consultation with the oral surgeon was originally not going to be until September 25th. But I called to check and they were able to get me in this past Wednesday.

What I found out was that if they extract the tooth, there is a chance it will expose my sinus and they will have to do a procedure to close them off. Which would then involve me being on high-powered antibiotics, decongestants, and unable to blow my nose for two weeks.

All of that sounded awful enough, but then I found out that my dental insurance would not pay for that part of the procedure, so it would cost me $880!

So…root canal it is. The first appointment for that is September 14th. Would appreciate prayers that things go well and there are not issues or complications.

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