This last week has been kind of chaotic and I have not yet had a chance to explore any of the ideas in the Life in 5 Senses “Try this at home” section. So that one is a “To be Continued” until next week!

I did want to write about some things I have been able to get done.

Finally moved the work boxes out of my living room, so it looks less like a hoarder’s nest in there. They’d been there since I got a mass shipment of stuff back in June. Because of the pain from the wreck, I hadn’t been able to get them moved, but I finally did it! So that’s good news on two sides-meant I felt well enough to do it and now it’s done.

Also started going through some of the training boxes from when I was traveling and training all the time. I’ve been cleaning them out, condensing them down, and basically organizing them. I’ve emptied 13 bankers boxes so far!


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