When I wrote the last post about the date-ish, I mentioned that there were some more things that I hadn’t discussed yet. I hadn’t been sure whether I would write about them or not, but a couple of them have been on my mind, so here’s the next installment.

I rarely, if ever, wear makeup. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn makeup in the last several years. It was never super important to me and Tom always preferred me to be “natural” and I was good with that lol. So I eventually just got to where I very rarely bothered with it.

So, naturally when I met the “date-ish”, I didn’t wear makeup.

At the end of the “date-ish”, this guy makes the comment that his mom “would have never left the house without makeup”. I was just thinking “what in the world?” Who says that? (I was asking myself that question a lot that day lol).

So, I’m guessing it bugged him that I didn’t wear makeup? Whatever dude. You either accept me for me or you don’t.

Funny thing is that during our conversations prior to this meeting, he had talked about how he was sick of games and etc. But obviously, he has his own games to play.

There are a few more things that I will probably write about from that day. Like I said earlier, there was a lot to unpack from that day.


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