With just about 11 days left in the year, I am looking towards next year and how I want my year to look.

Gretchen Rubin has done yearly challenges for her podcast listeners the last few years, starting with Walk 20 in 20 back in 2020. I did great on the Walk 20 in 20 and Read 21 in 21, but not so great on the Rest 22 in 22 or Outside 23 in 23.

The 2024 challenge is to #Write24in24. They are suggesting writing 2-4 minutes a day or 24 minutes a day, whatever works for you.

You might be wondering what writing has to do with wellness. For me, it has a lot to do with my mental health and wellness. Writing helps me cope with my emotions, things that going on in my life, etc. I can always tell when I’m struggling, because my writing is one of the first things that tends to go by the wayside.

I think it may be one of the signs that I am going into a depression when I neglect my writing for long periods of time.

So if I make a commitment to myself to write at least 2 to 4 minutes a day, that may help keep my emotions level.

What counts as writing? I do write in my journal everyday (well…most days), but I think for this challenge it means that I work on something for the blog and/or book everyday. That could be writing down some ideas for the blog, writing and scheduling blog posts, writing down ideas for the book, and working on the book.

Since I was struggling so much with writing down Tom and I’s story, I decided to change my focus to putting together several of my poems into a little book. I will get back to the book about Tom and I’s journey, but I think that putting together the poems that I’ve already written makes the most sense. This will help me to become familiar with the self-publishing process with something I’ve already written.

The person that had told me they would help me with the process was also the person who ended up breaking my heart earlier this year, so I am mostly on my own for figuring this out. But I am a smart person and I have other friends who have done the self-publishing process, and I know they will help me if I need it. Also, Google and YouTube are my friends lol.

Is the #write24in24 challenge something that you are interested in trying?


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