In order to add some movement to my day this week, I have been listening to positive affirmation YouTube videos and walking around the house. While I am walking around, I will also sometimes do some tasks around the house. I am trying to take 4-5 minutes a few times a day to do this and introduce some more activity to my day. I will also go out and walk around the yard sometimes too.

It’s not much, but every little bit helps and I know it helps keep me energized throughout the day. I am slowly trying to rebuild my strength from being sick last month. It’s hard to believe it has been almost four weeks since that awful weekend. It’s unbelievable how hard that experience knocked me on my butt. Combining that with the overnight low blood sugars nine of the last ten nights (I think-honestly I’m starting to lose count), and I am seriously drained. The fact that it’s been a zillion degrees doesn’t help either.

Hopefully these baby steps that I am taking will help me rebuild my strength and get back to “normal”-whatever that is lol.


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