Sometimes something you read in a book can just really make you sit back and think. This can be true whether it is a non-fiction book designed for that or just a passage in a fictional book you’re reading.

The fiction book I am currently reading is called “56 Days” by Catherine Ryan Howard. I am not very far into it yet, but early in the book, I ran across this passage and it just really struck me. This happened just as she was meeting a man for the first time.

“She hesitates, because this is it. This is where she makes her choice. People think the decisions you make that change the course of your life are the big ones. Marriage proposals. House moves. Job applications. But she knows it’s the little ones, the tiny moments, that really plot the course. Moments like this.”

It continues:

“It’s fear she struggles with. She thinks courage might be choosing between what you want now and what you want the most, because what she wants now is to walk away, to shut this down, to close the door. To retreat. To stay in this place where she feels safe and secure. But what she wants the most is to be able to live a full life, even if the expansion comes with pain and risk and fear, even it means crossing a minefield first.”

All I can say is WOW! I struggle with this almost daily. What I want now is to stay safe and secure but what I want most is to live a rich, full life. It’s also what Tom would want for me. This makes me stop and think about those moment-to-moment decisions I am making. Where are they leading me? Are they leading me to what I want now or to what I want the most?


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