Does anyone remember when the WWJD: What would Jesus Do thing was so big? I find myself thinking quite often “WWTS?: What would Tom say?”.

When I’m trying to make a decision about something or I am unsure about a situation, I’ll ask myself “What would Tom say?”. Tom had a way of just breaking things down to a basic level, usually with a funny or sarcastic comment. It was both endearing and annoying lol.

A friend of his from high school said he was always that way. My mom and I have talked about how his voice will always be with me.

Here are a few of my favorites:

When he was fighting cancer and someone would comment on his weight loss and how “good” he looked. He would just smile and say, “It’s not a diet I recommend”.

When my ex-husband’s parents wanted to “adopt” Natasha as a grandchild, I asked Tom what he thought. He said, “I don’t think a kid can have too many grandparents”.

One time when I commented on someone’s attention seeking Facebook post, he said “You’re going to get pulled into the drama”. And…he was right. I did.


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