Recently, I had oral surgery to have a tooth extracted on a Friday afternoon. It was a really rough experience and I was so glad that it was done on a Friday afternoon, because I felt lousy all weekend long.

A few different people asked me who was taking care of me after the extraction. I just had to laugh and say “Ummm, me…????”.

It reminded me of a conversation that Tom and I had while he was sick. It was towards the end and I told him that I sometimes wondered who would take care of me if I ever got sick, since we knew he was going to be gone. Yes, I have three children who I know would take care of me, but I also feel like they have their own lives, and I would be hesitant to ask them. And that’s different from having a partner take care of you.

Tom said he had thought about that too. I know he was so worried about me and how I would do after he was gone. As you already know, I promised him I would be okay. I’m blessed with friends and family who are here for me. It’s hard for me to ask for and accept help.

Not sure this particular post has made any sense, lol. It’s kind of rambling, and kind of a glimpse into the things that run through my mind being alone.


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