At the beginning of this year, I chose two words for this year. “Open” for me personally and “Joy” for work. My goal was to be more open to new experiences in my life and remember to keep the joy even in the midst of changes and challenges at work.

The year is almost 2/3 of the way over and I have been reflecting on how I’m doing with these words.

For “open”, I would say I have struggled quite a bit with that since March. You may remember back in March, I lost my grandmother and had a bad car wreck (which I am still recovering from). Since then I’ve also had bronchitis, two tooth infections, one tooth extraction (with another one or a root canal yet to come), and had my heart broken. I haven’t said too much about that last one other than a poem that I shared.

All of this has led me to struggle with being open to new things. To be real, I’ve wanted to hide in my house under a blanket a good part of the time. But the purpose of choosing the word was to help my focus. As I shared yesterday, I am going to resume getting my visiting new places goal going, which will force me to be more open.

For “joy”, there have also been a lot of things that have made me struggle with this one too. I will say about this one though, that anytime I feel myself struggling with something at work, I remind myself how much joy it brings me to help child care programs. This helps redirect my focus from the frustrations to the good things. Joy was definitely the perfect word for work.

It has shown up in so many ways. We had a conference for family child care homes back in June and the topic was joy and I got a journal titled “Finding joy in her everyday life”.

Did you choose a word or theme for this year? If so, what did you choose and how is it going?


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